Mantilla Scarf

The Collection takes inspiration from the traditional mantilla veils worn by Spanish women during important public events and Holy Week.

Young Lady by Diego Velasquez

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Queen Isabella II of Spain, the namesake of the Spring/Summer Collection, popularized the veils during her reign in the 19th century.

Introducing the Mantilla Scarf, the first piece from the “Isabella” S/S ’14 Collection.

The slinky rayon yarn with the soft wool and charcoal blend yarns create a piece that drapes beautifully over the shoulders.  Lace crochet stitches make this scarf an ideal piece for the warmer seasons. 

The scarf is now availabe in the store.

Even though we are experiencing yet another polar vortex, keep thoughts of springtime warmth in mind and enjoy free shipping with the code: VORTEX

Lady Vero

Meet Lady Vero – without her, many of the designs of Ita Vero would not be possible.  Currently, she is draped in the odds and ends of the Spring/Summer ’14 collection.

Lady Vero

Launch Date

Some great news – the official launch date for the first Spring/Summer 2014 collection will be on the first day of Spring this year!  Mark down March 20th on your calendars as the entire collection will be up for viewing and for sale on


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Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 11.47.54 PM

Ita Vero F/W ’14 shoot in progress.

photo 2

Finishing up the Fall/Winter collection and getting ready to release the spring designs next month, so it’s been really busy and fun!

Slipknots and Titles

Thought I would share some updates of the week:

  • I finally designed an official logo for Ita Vero.  The slipknot is the basis and start of nearly every crochet and knit piece.  This fundamental element has become the basis of the craftsmanship aspect of the Ita Vero brand.  In drawing the slipknot, I realized the loop forms a circular shape quite similar to the letter “O.”  And, which letter happens to be positioned at the end of the name?!??  It was the perfect match; a happy accident.

  • Slapped the logo on some business cards so I can finally tell people what I do and give them a physical reminder.  It felt so funny to give myself a title, as I have to handle so many aspects, but all I really wanted to be was CEO/President/Owner/Big Boss.  I eventually settled on the ever so humble “Creative Director/Founder.”

It’s been a steady push for the end as the collection gets really close to being finished.  The Ita Vero Fall ’14 collection shoot takes place this weekend, and I have some exciting pieces to debut for the Spring ’14 collection later this month!


Very exciting and important news for Ita Vero today.  I have just registered the business at the New York County Clerk’s office this morning, making it a legitimate business as of today.  I never thought I would be a business owner; designing was just what I had always dreamt of doing.  Now, it’s finally starting to set in that this is all happening and it’s all very exciting.  I just hope that you will come along for the journey and explore this new venture together.

Thanks for reading and remember that there is more to see at the official Ita Vero site!


Work It Out

As creative people, we all need music as a constant source of inspiration and motivation.  Here are some tunes that been blasting in my studio as I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the collection.

What do you like to listen to as you work?


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Enter Title Here

I’ve just received the Ita Vero clothing labels in the mail this week!  It is so exciting to see the name brand printed onto the the pieces, really bringing everything together as a collection.


Saturday Inspirations

The creative process is different for everyone, and inspiration is always obtained and interpreted in a singular way.  These are a few art/design projects that have caught my attention recently.  I hope they can be as inspiring to you as they have been for me.

Loving Vincent

An animated film about the circumstances surrounding Vincent Van Gogh’s death, animated entirely from oil paintings done in his signature style.

Francisco de Zurbarán

He was a famous painter in Spain’s Golden Age.  I love how he renders fabrics.


David Hockney Ipad Drawings

I don’t own an Ipad, so I had no idea that there were apps for digital painting and printing out the artworks.  Famed British artist David Hockney, has taken to the Ipad as a new medium for his works.  Given the portability of not just the Ipad, but other technological devices, and his propensity for outdoor scenes, this seems like a perfect match.  His Ipad drawings were exhibited at the deYoung musuem late last year.