Saturday Inspirations

The creative process is different for everyone, and inspiration is always obtained and interpreted in a singular way.  These are a few art/design projects that have caught my attention recently.  I hope they can be as inspiring to you as they have been for me.

Loving Vincent

An animated film about the circumstances surrounding Vincent Van Gogh’s death, animated entirely from oil paintings done in his signature style.

Francisco de Zurbarán

He was a famous painter in Spain’s Golden Age.  I love how he renders fabrics.


David Hockney Ipad Drawings

I don’t own an Ipad, so I had no idea that there were apps for digital painting and printing out the artworks.  Famed British artist David Hockney, has taken to the Ipad as a new medium for his works.  Given the portability of not just the Ipad, but other technological devices, and his propensity for outdoor scenes, this seems like a perfect match.  His Ipad drawings were exhibited at the deYoung musuem late last year.

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