Slipknots and Titles

Thought I would share some updates of the week:

  • I finally designed an official logo for Ita Vero.  The slipknot is the basis and start of nearly every crochet and knit piece.  This fundamental element has become the basis of the craftsmanship aspect of the Ita Vero brand.  In drawing the slipknot, I realized the loop forms a circular shape quite similar to the letter “O.”  And, which letter happens to be positioned at the end of the name?!??  It was the perfect match; a happy accident.

  • Slapped the logo on some business cards so I can finally tell people what I do and give them a physical reminder.  It felt so funny to give myself a title, as I have to handle so many aspects, but all I really wanted to be was CEO/President/Owner/Big Boss.  I eventually settled on the ever so humble “Creative Director/Founder.”

It’s been a steady push for the end as the collection gets really close to being finished.  The Ita Vero Fall ’14 collection shoot takes place this weekend, and I have some exciting pieces to debut for the Spring ’14 collection later this month!

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