Mantilla Scarf

The Collection takes inspiration from the traditional mantilla veils worn by Spanish women during important public events and Holy Week.

Young Lady by Diego Velasquez

image via

Queen Isabella II of Spain, the namesake of the Spring/Summer Collection, popularized the veils during her reign in the 19th century.

Introducing the Mantilla Scarf, the first piece from the “Isabella” S/S ’14 Collection.

The slinky rayon yarn with the soft wool and charcoal blend yarns create a piece that drapes beautifully over the shoulders.Β  Lace crochet stitches make this scarf an ideal piece for the warmer seasons.Β 

The scarf is now availabe in the store.

Even though we are experiencing yet another polar vortex, keep thoughts of springtime warmth in mind and enjoy free shipping with the code: VORTEX

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