Infanta Scarf

The latest addition to the Ita Vero Spring/Summer ’14 Collection is the Infanta Scarf.  The lace scarf makes use of similar stitches as the previous Mantilla Scarf, but I had wanted to create more of a fan shaped silhouette.

In the initial sketches, I had envisioned a romantic, dramatic piece, complete with cascading fringe.  The fringe was edited away since it turned out to be too heavy and not well suited for the spring/summer seasons.


As you can tell, I have a “chicken scratch” sketch style.  I tend to do quick 10 second illustrations/notes as I prefer a more tactile, hands-on approach.

However, I love doing little rough sketches to flesh out ideas or variations of an idea I have to get to the final design.


Endless hours of knitting and crocheting later, the final result:


Infanta Scarf – available in the store!


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