Resort 2015

As I’m starting to shift my own wardrobe to reflect the rising temperatures of the summer seasons, I’m looking at the new Resort ’15 shows for style inspiration.  It might seem that knitwear is a rare occurrence in a season geared towards beach vacation wardrobes, but designers find creative ways to implement knits into the collections.

Here are a few of my favorite looks:

Bold Graphics at Louis Vuitton


Interesting belted cardigan as a dress idea for the warmer months. Love the detached placket detail at the neck!


More cutout details and fuzzy textures at Maison Martin Margiela


Textures, patterns, and colors galore at Bottega Veneta!

How do you plan to style knits for the summer?

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Wisdom Wednesdays

My love affair with yarns and textiles began as a young child when I asked my mother to teach me how to knit.  Coming from a family with generations of art and crafting sensibilities, it seemed only natural that I would spend much of my idle time crocheting  winter throws or knitting socks with questionable color combinations.  I love sharing knowledge of this nostalgic craft, so this begins a series of knitting tutorials.

Before you begin to knit, you must know how to cast on.  This will create the first row of stitches from you to knit from.


1. Make a slip knot – have a long section of yarn reserved for the tail and make a twist in the yarn to create a circular shape.  Pull one end of the yarn through the circle slightly to create a loop.

2.  Slip knitting needles through the loop.  I usually use both knitting needles in this cast-on, but you can use just one needle.  Personally, I would recommend using two for beginners.  New knitters tend to knit with a tighter tension and using two needles will give you slightly larger stitches.

3. Drape the tail end of the yarn over your left thumb; the working end of the yarn drapes over your left index finger.  Use the remaining fingers to hold the two ends of yarn.

4. Slide the needles under the tail end of the yarn – this should create a loop that contains your thumb and the needles.

5. Use the needles to pull the working yarn through that loop.

6.  Release and tighten both yarns.

7.  Repeat until desired width/number of cast-on stitches.


Check back soon for more tutorials and feel free to ask any questions 🙂

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Oceanus Procellarum

While I now work as a knitwear designer with my own line, I was an art/design student not too long ago.

It was after completing my senior thesis collection that I realized I truly wanted to work in knits.  The collection was a nine-month long ordeal that involved endless hours of handiwork and lessons in patience.  I learned how to machine knit and a new world of possibilities opened up.

The collection takes inspiration from the history and culture of the traditional Aran knits and the lives and stories of the fishermen who wore them.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 4.27.27 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 4.28.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 4.35.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 4.34.05 PMDuring my thesis presentation – judges’ critique

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 4.33.08 PM

Do It Again

Hi All,


I am back after a period of personal dramas, a new apartment, and a new job.  While big changes of been occurring in my life, I needed a break to figure out what would be the best next step for the Ita Vero blog and knitwear line.


Now that Ita Vero has returned with a new Etsy shop I hope to continue the blog as a source of behind the scenes inspiration and updates for the line.


Feel free to browse the new shop and past blog content.  New and exciting things are in store for Ita Vero and I hope you readers can be a part of this adventure 🙂


Wonder what these cones of yarn will become?