Restless and Exhausted

Two nights ago, I found myself in a tough place.  Although it was only Wednesday, I already felt burnt out from work.  Let me clarify that my day job consists of 10 hr plus days, then I occasionally have freelance work (especially during the fall/holiday season). It was one of those moments where nothing felt like it was going right, I blindly made mistake after mistake all in my determination to finish the work.


Like an epiphany I simultaneously wished did and did not happen, I knew that all my mistakes stemmed from the fact that I had made such a simple mistake in the beginning that set off a whole chain of reworking and undoing pieces of knits.   I knew then and there that I was taking on too much, that all I needed was a bit of a respite so that my mind was not overwhelmed by my intense desire to work and create.


There are periods where I somehow feel both restless and exhausted, reactions to a life which I love but am uncertain if I am truly happy within it.  Sometimes I take on a large load of work.  I desperately want to be able to do it all, not for a sense of accomplishment, but to satisfy all my greatest passions and sources of joy.  I still believe you can do it all, but Wednesday night taught me that you don’t have to be able to do it all at once, and you should still feel proud of what you have achieved so far and what you have yet to create.


Apologies for a wordy post, but I just wanted to share this seemingly common experience, one that readers who are both millennials and makers will relate to.  All I can end with is that it’s Friday, I’m going to relax this weekend, and you should do the same 🙂

What’s in My Knitting Bag

I have no fancy designer bag, but I do have a tote bag full of knitting and crocheting goodies!

Here is my spin on those popular “What’s in My Bag” posts, as a knitter.

Fun fact:  I have never bought a bag without zippers in my life.  Most of the time, I carry my knitting around in a freebie tote like this one from Urban Outfitters, or ones I pick up from work trade shows.  However, OtterburnPQ, offers some great bags designed specifically for knitters and their projects.  Storeowner and designer Jésabelle was featured in an interview here last year!

Inside my bag…

Current Project – pretty self explanatory, it is what it is.

Small Notebook – I love the office supplies at Muji, especially their pens and notebooks.  This one is so minimal and lightweight, plus blank pages provide more flexibility for when I feel like scribbling calculations or sketching.  I’m on the lookout for a small notebook with graphing paper, so please comment if you know of one!

Miscellaneous Tools (from left to right) –scissors, crochet hook and/or knitting needles, stitch holder, cable needle, tapestry needles, stitch markers

Those little tools are stored in the loveliest little embroidered bag gifted from a co-worker.

 Readers, what do you always have to carry in your knitting bag?


After a long day of work or city explorations, I look forward to coming home to my little bedroom.  I was lucky enough to find a space in the heart of downtown Manhattan that fits into my budget and offers a beautiful view of the city, not to mention the Empire State Building!!  It’s kind of funny, because I always associated the Empire State Building as an icon of the city.  Every time I catch a glimpse of it from inside my home, my heart swells up a bit and I feel so fortunate to be able to live in the city where all my dreams are coming true (yep, that’s super cheesy).

Here are a few details that make my bedroom a cozy space for re-charging from hectic city life.

I invested in a neutral platform bed so that it would be a furniture piece most likely to fit in with any NY space, considering how often I’ve moved.  You can never go wrong with white sheets.  I sometimes even eat in bed, and am never afraid of stains.  Buy cotton based sheets and you will never have those fears either since they are machine-washable.  I managed to score the pillowcase and duvet cover set on Amazon for just $34!

My candle obsession began shortly after I began dating a dreamy fellow who always lit them at his place.  A trio of candles provides just the right amount of warm fuzzy feelings while saving on electricity bills.  Sometimes it’s nice to live life like the 1890’s (any Portlandia fans out there?)

Nothing tops a room with a view.

Readers, what is your favorite part about your bedroom?

Sugar Rush

Sometimes it’s nice to take some time off and explore a foreign neighborhood.  Or rather, a foreign candy store in a nearby neighborhood this weekend.

For some reason, I find myself liking black licorice more and more as I grow older.  Maybe I am just getting used to the strong flavoring?  I recently heard about salted black licorice, a Scandinavian candy, and was perplexed by the flavor combination.  Sweet and salty are great partners in most foods, but the strong medicinal-like flavor of black licorice seems better as a solo act.

Of course in NYC, salted black licorice is not too difficult to track down.  Behold…Sockerbit!  Located in the West Village, Sockerbit is a candy store specializing in Scandanivian sweets.  Here, you can find over thirty varieties of licorice!



I got a few to try, but I must say my favorites were the salta salmiak pastiller.

In my first taste of salted black licorice, I honestly felt the saltiness factor to be overpowering.  My taste buds were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to process this odd combination!  These small candies were great as they offered the taste of salted black licorice in a manageable small dosage.

Is anyone a fan of salted black licorice?  What are your favorite types of licorice?

The Carnegie Mittens

New item in the shop!

These mittens, named for the Carnegie Hill neighborhood in New York City, are knit from 100% merino wool.  Merino wool refers to a specific breed of sheep that produces the finest yarn quality.  The finer the yarn, the less susceptible it is to breakage, which you usually see as pilling in sweaters.  Because they are hand-crafted from Italian merino wool, these mittens feel like the softest, most plush cotton material, without the scratchiness of other wools.

The textured stitch of the mitten add a subtle design element and extra grip.  Soft charcoal colors and minimal styling allude to classic menswear influences.

Available now in the store.

Comfort Fit

I am a big fan of dressing comfortably.  My closet is full of elastic waistbands and billowy blouses.  I am in the business of knitwear because it is so cozy and comfortable.

Designers at the fashion shows this season were showcasing their takes on comfort dressing.  Ranging from sleepwear-inspired looks to boxy and roomy silhouettes, you can feel inspired to roll straight out of bed and out the door in the mornings!

Daks SS ’16

Robes at Eudon Choi

Silky Simplicity at J. JS Lee

Feminine Slips and Uncomfortable-Looking Shoes at Givenchy

Apartment Therapy

One of my favorite websites is Apartment Therapy, an online space dedicated to philosophies and healthy approaches to finding and making a home in which you can truly thrive.  They showcase feasible DIYs, living tips, and of course, house tours.  I’ve always been interested in how the interior decor reflects the resident’s personalities and in innovation throughout small spaces, especially living in NYC’s shoebox apartments.  Lately though, I’ve been eyeing all the cozy throws and wraps mixed in to everyone’s home decor!

Here are a few snapshots of cozy interiors.  Click the image to visit the house tour!

The striped throw somehow fits well with the mix of colors and patterns

Love how the bold rug is turned into wall art

Lovely nook for sitting and relaxing

Would love to do some knitting here!