Restless and Exhausted

Two nights ago, I found myself in a tough place.  Although it was only Wednesday, I already felt burnt out from work.  Let me clarify that my day job consists of 10 hr plus days, then I occasionally have freelance work (especially during the fall/holiday season). It was one of those moments where nothing felt like it was going right, I blindly made mistake after mistake all in my determination to finish the work.


Like an epiphany I simultaneously wished did and did not happen, I knew that all my mistakes stemmed from the fact that I had made such a simple mistake in the beginning that set off a whole chain of reworking and undoing pieces of knits.   I knew then and there that I was taking on too much, that all I needed was a bit of a respite so that my mind was not overwhelmed by my intense desire to work and create.


There are periods where I somehow feel both restless and exhausted, reactions to a life which I love but am uncertain if I am truly happy within it.  Sometimes I take on a large load of work.  I desperately want to be able to do it all, not for a sense of accomplishment, but to satisfy all my greatest passions and sources of joy.  I still believe you can do it all, but Wednesday night taught me that you don’t have to be able to do it all at once, and you should still feel proud of what you have achieved so far and what you have yet to create.


Apologies for a wordy post, but I just wanted to share this seemingly common experience, one that readers who are both millennials and makers will relate to.  All I can end with is that it’s Friday, I’m going to relax this weekend, and you should do the same πŸ™‚


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